Horizontal directional drilling
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Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a high-tech method of underground work which allows you mitigating environmental damage, laying utility lines in inaccessible areas, when performing open- pit mining.

Used in construction of:
Water and wastewater mains
Cable and casing (electric, phone, FOCL)
Gas and oil pipeline areas

The location system allows determining the position of the drill head with high accuracy (0.1% of the depth by 10 m, ± 1 cm) and laying the route in accordance with the design.

Before commencement of operations, the properties and composition of the soil, the dislocation of existing underground utilities are carefully studied; appropriate permits and approvals for the performance of underground work are executed. Selective penetration tests and, if so required, probing of the most complex intersections of drilling route with existing utilities is carried out.