Drilling Company “AK-NIET BURGA”

“AK-NIET BURGA” LLP has been providing drilling services for solid mineral deposits in the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan for more than seven years. Also, the company provides water-well drilling, and services of trenchless laying of oil and gas pipelines, fiber optic, and other urban communications by HDD.

Exploration drilling




For exploration drilling of solid minerals, we offer reverse circulation drilling method (RC) and core drilling.

There is an ability to combine these types of drilling to reduce the time and final cost of exploration.

RC drilling can achieve the average daily rate of penetration per one unit of up to 250 meters, which is several times faster than the other types of drilling. You get highly informative results from RC samples. RC drilling gives 98% of sample recovery, rapid sample analysis can be done in field conditions. Due to non-contact recovery of cuttings from the hole there is no contamination of samples.

Horizontal drilling


Innovative technology of trenchless pipe laying allows to use the pipes with different diameters and purposes at different depths. This technology minimizes damage to the environment, and significantly reduces the amount of complex approval procedures with the various regulatory authorities, representatives of the railway, water protection services and road police. Horizontal drilling can be done under water obstacles, gardens and parks, under existing highways, railways not stopping the traffic flow and not violating the asphalt covering.

Over the past 10 years the technology significantly pressed traditional methods of construction and repair of underground utilities. Due to the compact planning and a highly developed infrastructure of utilities, horizontal drilling technology is almost the only possible way of pipe laying. This method also has no alternatives in the case of installation of underground utilities in the historical parts of the cities: it eliminates the threat of destruction of architectural monuments.